I was 19 then, one spring evening,
When I realized it.
That distances and cultures can’t stop you from loving.
From feeling, from aching and from yearning.

You, bright as ever, living beautifully.
These night lights I love so much,
They can’t compare to you.
The city lights remind me of you,
Of the love I’ll always carry for you.
The cold night breeze hits me,
calm me it does and it all hits me.

The feelings too strong, they’re different.
The world spreads out before me,
The night lively as ever,
But nothing in my eyes exists without your presence in it.
So I’ll think of you, I will.

The nights we look at may seem different always.
But love, the same sky watches after us.
The stars, the moon, the sky- things I love so much, they’re the same.
Looking over at us.

So I’ll stay here, just yearn for you here.
Until that day comes, when I’ll feel your traces in cities unknown.
Till then, can I keep you close?

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