Can opportunities lead to change?

Now I know this isn’t a blog-specific post. But I think I would like to try out posting some other lifestyle-related articles here as well. So here we go.

Now we all have encountered opportunities in our life- some that we know of and also some which we couldn’t realise we had. But the fact remains that most of those opportunities hold within them a chance. A chance at change.

We as people, who are constantly growing, sometimes end up grabbing these but there are also times where we end up giving them a hard pass. So why does this happen?

There may be times when we end up doubting ourselves. Many questions like, “Am I worth this?” or “Can I really do this?” can pass our mind. We may end up questioning our abilities to do that specific task. This leads to us wanting to escape these thoughts and what better way to do that than just give a pass to the opportunity presented in front of us?

However, what we don’t realise is that, the one who is going to grab that opportunity is also a person, a human- just like us! Having self-deprecating thoughts every now and then is normal but holding onto them and believing them is not the solution.

We’ve got to overcome thoughts that restrain us from achieving greatness. So how do we do this? Well, I don’t have the answer to that! Every person is unique and so the answer to the above question varies for each of us. It can never be a one-size-fits-all answer.

You see, every opportunity- whether big or small, brings with itself a chance at change. Now that change can be a big life-changing decision like moving to some other city or even something as small as starting that skincare routine finally!


We need to remember that most of the times, a certain opportunity knocks at your door only once. That’s because it holds the power to change you. Missing out on it by saying something like, “Yeah I’ll try it next time” or “I’m not ready yet” is where that growth stops. Like they say, you’ll never be ready for anything. So sometimes you just have to go at it like you do for a test that you didn’t study for! And you’ve got to study for that test or that interview by the way. 

What I mean to say here is that ‘taking steps is what’s important’ and not how big that step is. If ever faced with an opportunity to do something new, ready or not, go for it! Go for it with an enthusiasm which screams growth! Be hungry for new experiences and seek them out. They can lead to big changes.

None of the big leaders of today would’ve been what they are today if they had just left it at “Oh I’m not ready yet” or “No, I can’t do it right now.” There are plenty of people out there who are just waiting for another chance.

Opportunities are the doors to change. So when given a key to one of those doors, just run towards it and open it. Who knows what you’ll find on the other side?